Tactical Breather

Tactical Breather Mobile App

The Tactical Breather application can be used to gain control over physiological and psychological responses to stress. Through repetitive practice and training, anyone can learn to gain control of your heart rate, emotions, concentration, and other physiological and psychological responses to your body during stressful situations.Many of the techniques taught in this application were provided with permission by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman from his book “On Combat: The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and in Peace”.

Although these techniques were developed primarily for the warfighter during intense combat situations, anyone can benefit from the ideas taught in this application to help with nearly any stressful situation in life.

Note: Tactical Breather (formerly known as the "Tactical Breathing Trainer") received second place in the "General Wellness" category during the Apps4Army (A4A) competition.