Dream EZ

Dream EZ is a smartphone app designed to help a person “rewrite” their nightmares to make them diminish in intensity and frequency. The app uses principles from Imagery Rehearsal Therapy (IRT) for nightmare reduction to help users change their nightmares into less disturbing dreams so they can get a better night’s sleep. Although Dream EZ can be used on its own, this app was designed to be used along with a health care provider trained in IRT.

Imagery Rehearsal Therapy (IRT) is a proven non-medication treatment that helps a user reimagine the script of their nightmare to rewrite it to have a more pleasant outcome. Similar to how an athlete can visualize a high level of performance in an upcoming game, the brain’s imagery system can be retrained over time to change the storyline of a nightmare.

By engaging in dream rescription and imagery rehearsal, the dream content becomes less disturbing and less likely to cause a person to wake up from a nightmare. People that use IRT typically do not report that they have the actual revisualized dream; instead, they report either that their nightmares happen less frequently, do not happen at all, or tend to be less disturbing, which makes it easier to return to sleep.

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